Automated Blast Cleaning Solutions

A lifetime of experience within the blast cleaning industry has seen and been involved in the design and manufacture of automated cleaning systems from rail rolling stock, structural steel, automotive wheels, castings, aircraft  components, nuts and bolts. In a variety of materials including steel, aluminium, bronze, glass, composites, plastics and stone. The size, shape, quantity and existing material handling methods define the best type of system for your product. 

Manual Blast Cleaning Systems

Because not all things are the same a manual blasting system can provide a greater flexibility, particularly suited to jobbing type work and very large components where a more detailed approach is needed.

We supply a range of blast room systems designed to suit your product, material handling and budget.

we also supply blast cabinets with turn tables, rollers and abrasive recovery systems to suit your needs.

Specalty Blast Cleaning Systems

Some requirements are just out of the square, whether it is peening etching or some other type of finishing we can design and engineer a system suitable for your unique need.

Many projects for the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries have equipped us with a wealth of knowledge, design and practical experience in unique processes.


Dust Collection Solutions

Dust collection as a waste or process is simple in theory, the reality is that done right it will be the best forgotten part of your plant, done wrong it will be the bane of your life.

Type of dust, type of filter media, fan size and pressure and length of duct work, will all impact on the type of system required. Smart systems such as pulse on demand filter cleaning and variable speed drives can effect the running costs.

Dust collector, filter, filter cleaning, dust disposal design types will effect the day to day operation and maintenance cost and requirements.

With experience with many forms of dust collection we can help you profit from your dust collection. 



Turnkey Blast Finishing and Dust Collection for Industry

ABES Blastequip is an Australian manufacturing and design company building mature-technology, site-specific blast finishing and dust collection systems for the commercial, industrial, resources and public infrastructure sectors in Australia.

We integrate best-of-breed International and Australian componentry and design, delivered in the Australian context, using Australian know-how.

From planning, feasibility, investment analysis to design, building, commissioning and operating, we'll de-risk your project at every stage.

We're about pragmatic, feet-on-the-ground, commercially viable plants with investment returns that stack up.

Systems designed for your product, your business can:

·        avoid transport costs and turnaround times

·        reduce electricity costs (peak and off-peak)

·        reduce fees for waste disposal

·        control finish quality

BLASTEQUIP - Blast Cleaning Solutions

Suppling both turbine (airless) and Air blast systems in automated and manual we can provide a system that is suitable, reliable, good quality and affordable to suit most applications, with a combination of Australian made and Internationally sourced machinery and components we offer the widest range of solutions to your blast cleaning needs. with in house engineering and design, local fabrication, service and spare parts we offer a complete package for blast cleaning projects.

Our rage caters for all types of products and abrasives, quantities, sizes, finishes and handling.

From cleaning, etching, deflashing, deburing, coating, descaling, decoating and peening, we have a solution for your project.

DUSTEQUIP - Dust Collection Equipment
Our dust collectors cater for the widest range of dusts possible, our quick cartridge change out minimises downtime and media selection and media area provides the greatest filter life possible.
With our Vertical and Horizontal dust collectors we utilize a pleated cartridge type filter which maximises the filter face area in a small physical area. Greater filter face saves motor sizes and therefor power consumption by reducing the pressure required to move air through the filter. In conjunction our pulse air back flush system further maintains the cleanliness of the filter reducing power requirements and extending filter life.
Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector
The cartridges are housed within the dust collector body on a slight incline in pairs supported by an internal frame, access to the cartridges is through a round hatch provides for each pair. dust is collected through the top of the collector and air is draw down, clean filtered air is passed through the extraction fan extending fan life.
Vertical Cartridge Dust Collector
The Cartridges are housed within the body of the dust collector hanging vertically, the cartridges are bonded to a steel mounting plate which are slid in on horizontal slides 2 or 3 cartridges deep, the slides are closed to the roof of the dust collector body via a cam arrangement providing quick easy change out. The collectors are a modular design built up of units 2 filters wide x 2-3 filters deep, with modular units connected side by side to achieve the required number of filters to achieve the required filter area for the application.
Dust Collector Completion
To finish off the dust collector we offer a range of fans, filter medias, dust outlet option including rotary valves, screw conveyors, flap valves and bins for the handling of the collected dust. 
Duct work and duct design for the most efficient collection and life of the duct.
Installation and Service
We complete the package by providing the finished product installed, commissioned and approved by you. 
Ongoing Service is provided through Programed maintenance packages and call out type service. Either quoted, hourly or estimated rates. With most spare parts held in stock and available for immediate delivery


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